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frequently asked questions

  • Are there shower facilities onboard?
    Yes, there are showers for you to wash up.
  • How safe is it to take my pet aboard a yacht?
    It’s perfectly safe! You can rest assured that the crew members on our pet-friendly yachts are well-trained to guarantee the safety of all passengers, whether humans or pets. However, you should keep in mind that if this is the first time your pets are setting sail, they might be a little frightened. Do bring along life safety vests for them if possible!
  • Are there life jackets onboard?
    Yes, of course! There are sufficient life jackets for all guests. Do ask the crew onboard if you require them.
  • Is smoking onboard allowed?
    This depends entirely up to the yacht chosen as some are more stringent on their policies. In most cases, there are usually designated areas to smoke.
  • Can I bring more than one pet on board?
    Sure! We know some families have multiple pets, and we welcome you all aboard. However, you may have to charter a larger vessel such as a catamaran as opposed to a small luxury yacht, or check with us before booking. We'll be happy to advise you further.
  • Who should I contact upon arrival?
    Please check your confimation email and contact the Captain/POC for your charter once all your guests have arrived at the meeting point.
  • Can I bring along my own food and supplies for my pet?
    We encourage you to bring along your pet’s favourite food and any supplies they might need. Do also bring along the necessary supplies for cleaning up after them.
  • Can I book a small luxury yacht for an overnight charter?
    Absolutely! We offer overnight yacht charters that provide a magical experience under the starlit sky.
  • Must I bring my passport along?
    That's not necessary if your charter is within Singapore waters. It is only necessary if you are going overseas.
  • Can I bring my pet along?
    Some yachts are pet friendly! Do note that each yacht has their own rules about pets so do feel free to check with us beforehand.
  • Can I decorate the yacht?
    Yes, subject to the yacht's rules. Feel free to check with us on what's allowed before bringing along light decorations for your special occasion. Do note that balloons are strictly not allowed at One 15 Marina.
  • Can we go fishing?
    Yes. Feel free to bring your own rods or you may even rent one if the yacht chosen provides.
  • Until what time can we stay in the water?
    By law, guests are only allowed to stay in the water until 7pm for safety reasons.

Still Need Help?

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